Eating Healthy and Having a Social Life

The number of people I talk to who say you can’t have a social life and live a healthy lifestyle, because these days most activities are circulated around food. But the truth is it is easy, all you have to do is be willing to put in a little effort and you can easily balance both a social life and eating healthy.

Here we will discuss some of the common excuses I hear and some hacks on how to balance both a social life and eating healthy.

Excuse: I can’t eat out they don’t have healthy options.

This is the number 1 excuse I hear from people, and it frustrates me because I am still yet to find a place that doesn’t have some kind of healthy option. Maccas even has salads these days, Chinese restaurants have steamed veggie stir-fries, Italian restaurants have a chicken or beef main or salad, Mexican places often do Burrito bowls or salads and the list goes on. When you go to a restaurant look at the whole menu and pick something you can eat, most places will have a salad or steak / chicken and vegetable dish, ask for the sauce or dressing on the side and portion it yourself, its that simple. Just remember to read the whole menu even the sides section and kids meal options.

Excuse: But ill be the odd one out

Yes this may be true, but I cant tell you the amount of times I have been out and everyone feels like they have to conform and then when I break it and order a salad or steak someone else is like oh we can order that, ill have X.

This does come down to your own strength and will power, if you can say no and order what you want great do that, otherwise make this your cheat meal and watch your portion size. I understand the want to fit in and eat what others are, so watch what you eat, share a pizza and only have 2 slices with a side salad instead of a whole pizza to yourself.

Excuse: But it’s a work thing

Most people spend more time with those they work with then their own families or partners, so the truth is if you are trying to eat healthy or comp prep or whatever it is, the people you work with will know this. Bring your own food to lunch when possible, or if it is a corporate lunch at a restaurant with a client etc then order the salad or steak and veg or if it’s a set menu watch your portion size. Most people are completely fine if you are honest with them and explain why you are doing what you are doing, most people are actually supportive and appreciate you speaking up. People might surprise you if you just open up.

Excuse: But everyone will be drinking

That is fine you have two options, don’t drink, you will be surprised the amount of fun you can have sober. Or drink but drink Vodka lime and soda, this has very little calories and when alternated with water you will be fine to part take in the drinking activities during the night. Another little hack I know people use it to ask for a Soda and lime in a small glass from the bar tender and then everyone will think you will be drinking even if you aren’t.



Hack: Have your list of Go To Restaurants

My wife and I for date nights or nights out with friends do tend to cook at home when we can, but that is more because we love to entertain but when we do go out, we have a list of go to restaurants. We know places we can visit that will meet my dietary requirements and still offer healthy options. We tend to favour places like steak houses, local club or pub bistro’s or bistro style restaurants like Rashay’s and rib houses. These offer a variety of meat and veg options and we just always ask to swap the chips for either salad or vegetables. Places like this also mean that the people you are with can eat whatever you want, most bistro menu’s will still have pasta’s, pizza’s, burgers etc for your friends who are looking to carb load or have a cheat meal.

Hack: Breakfast or Brunch over Lunch and dinner

When catching up with friends if possible opt for a Breakfast or Brunch instead of Lunch and Dinner. There is generally more healthy options available on Breakfast and Brunch menu’s from omelettes to bacon and eggs. Plus with this option you don’t feel like you are eating something completely different to those around you, you feel just like anyone else.

Hack: (well kind of) Be Honest

This isn’t a hack as such but just talk to your friends and family, be honest with them, tell them why you are doing this and 9 out of 10 times they will be supportive and ask what they can do to help you might even convert a friend to do it with you. It is important to have a group of supportive people around you when you are taking on any form of transformation weather weight loss or comp prep so just be honest. Honesty truly is the best policy.

I would be keen to hear your guys thoughts, what do you do when dining out or how healthy eating has effected your lifestyle either good or bad.

Happy Eating,

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  1. Great post! I am a dietitian and agree with you entirely. You have to find a way to continue to participate in life as there is always a good excuse not to be healthy. Thank you for your article!

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