We pride ourselves on offering the best solutions to our clients whatever they may be. but don’t take our word for it see what some of our past and present clients have to say.

“I signed up with Dean about 2 years ago when I was struggling with wrist cartilage fractures. Up until that point, all my training methods worsened my injuries and I wasn’t getting any closer to my fitness goals. Two months on, not only were my wrists feeling a lot better, I was possibly in the best shape I had been in years. Dean’s helped me through multiple injuries and catered my training and nutrition to suit my lifestyle. I owe my good physical and emotional health greatly to my mentor, friend, confidant and lastly, my personal trainer Dean Koenig. While Dean’s in-person training is extremely effective, his online training and nutrition platforms offer extraordinary value. The variety and flexibility Dean offers in his training plans are sure to fit anyone’s needs and budget. Words fail me when I try to recommend this guy to anyone, he’s that good!”
– Muhammad

“I was motivated to meet and exceed my daily goals. I never had better results. I couldn’t have done it by myself.”
– Dan

“Dean is very knowledgeable and professional with his PT services, he has pushed and supported me towards reaching my training and fitness goals.”
– Grant

“Throughout my pregnancy Dean always made me feel like welcome in his classes, effortlessly substituted exercises for me without interrupting anybody else, and anticipated my symptoms week by week. Before I would even speak he knew what I was going through, why, and what intensity level I could manage. I felt and looked confident and smashed the limits I thought pregnant women have. We really can and should exercise, and he showed me the best ways to till the end. He helped prepare my physical and mental stamina for a quick and natural birth, a very healthy baby and advanced recovery.”
– Annie

“My experience was a rewarding and caring one. My training regime was personalised to meet my body concerns and previous injuries. Over several sessions I learnt what exercise equipment to use and how to adapt to a new way of exercise that would change, strengthen and tone both my body and mind. Inspire PT also made themselves available for any future help and questions at all times. Thank you Inspire PT.”
– Sandra

“Dean helped me deadlift again after many years avoiding this exercise due to a previous back injury and a fear of aggravating it again. Dean taught me proper form and technique to lift safely and well and provided some much needed motivation when I needed it most. Thanks to Dean, deadlifts are a part of my regular training and are fast becoming my favourite exercise.”
– Caroline

“Dean is great. Always very attentive and professional. Before I start working out with him I had some shoulder issues that made me reconsider training at all. With Dean’s assistance my shoulder got stronger and I now can do any exercise. I could not recommend him more.”
– Al

“Great workouts with challenging programs.” – Henry

You truly venture on a lifelong journey with Dean. I have been a client for several years now, on and off throughout these years I’ve needed support to realign back to my fitness goals and thats what I really cherish about my journey. There is a understanding that sometimes there will be changes with your financial circumstances whereby you may need to pause/stop sessions and with Dean it’s reassuring to know if and when I am able to pick sessions back up, he’ll always make time for me. You will be kept on your toes and coached to go that little bit further which you’ll be thankful for a few days later. If you need the added nutritional support, you will definitely learn lots about the food you should be eating. Overall I’ve never been disappointed with my achievements whilst training with Dean.”
– Sophia

My experience with training Inspire PT has been challenging and rewarding. Even with injuries the trainer caters for your needs but also pushes you where you need to be pushed. Without my PT trainer I wouldn’t be where I am.
– Rhonda

“Training with Dean was the best decision I made. Throughout his program he taught me numerous exercises and skills, which assisted me in building my confidence and knowledge for training at the gym. He is motivating and ensures that I understand what each session entails and will make sure that your technique is correct. I have achieved so much with Deans help. Overall fantastic, highly recommend.”
– Anthony

When I first started training with Dean it honestly felt like a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders. For years I had struggled with body image issues and have probably tried almost every kind of diet there is; low calorie diet, paleo, vegan etc. I’ve wasted so much money on gyms and fitness programs that never made me happy and if you told me 6 months ago that I would be going to gym and eating healthy and loving it then I’d laugh straight in your face cause that’s how little I believed that I would actually be doing that.

I wouldn’t just classify Dean as my Personal Trainer but also as my friend cause he’s always there (literally 24/7). He’s always making sure I’m eating and drinking the right stuff, he listens to all my pointless rants and rages and gives the best advice. He’s always there helping me work out what’s best for me and how to achieve my goals; since I’ve been with him I’ve went from 82 kilos down to 77 kilos. He understands how much I despise cardio and never subjects me to that torture; I think our hate of cardio is one of the first things we bonded over.

Its been an eye opening journey on my part cause I never thought that this would be my life; exercise and healthy eating. For most people that’s not such a big thing but for me it’s huge and I can’t thank Dean enough for all he’s done for me in such a short time of knowing the guy.

100% recommend Dean for anyone looking for a PT cause he’s awesome and I think everyone needs a little bit of awesome in their life.

Thank you, Dean!
– Mariam

I couldn’t recommend Dean as a PT more highly. He is one of the most dedicated trainers I have ever met focussing on achieving my goals and making every session challenging but also fun. He provides a very in depth service with great training programs specifically tailored towards individual goals and a nutrition programs to match. My strength has increased noticeably and I was getting amazing resullts very quickly. I even feel more confident going into the weights room, now that Dean has taught me so much. Dean places a great emphasis on technique as well so you can feel confident that you can train on your own with heavier weights and not get injured.

If ever you were looking for a PT – Dean is the person to call.

– Juliette

“During my time training with Dean, I have not only achieved my weight-loss goals but have learnt so much along the way, about both how the body functions and about nutrition. With Dean’s help, his motivation, and constant efforts to push me that one step further each session, I had achieved things I never imagined my body to be capable of – such as a 220kg leg press for 10 reps! Most importantly for me, I have gained the skills, knowledge, and confidence, to be able to make this lifestyle change and continue training on my own.”
– Kia